Thailand 09

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Oh my word, the babies at the Eagles Nest Orphanage are so adorable. It just breaks your heart. It is so hard to put them down when we have to leave and go do something else. The government here has put a hold on all adoptions to the US since last fall. They have heard that possibly they might start them back up in May. There are a couple of kids here that have families approved and waiting for them.....just the waiting on the government to open the adoptions back up. We need to pray hard for this to happen, otherwise these precious children will never be a part of a family. We have all had a great time so far. Bradley and Gary have been working away at the installation of the security system while Mandy, Ashley, Morgan and Lisa have been working on making quilts. No matter how many mission trips you go on you never get used to seeing so much poverty and sadness. We have many stories to tell!

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We miss you all!


Today would have been my moms 74 Birthday. For as long as I can remember my mom had this birthday poem she would say on our birthdays. As we got older it got to be annoying and we always teased her about it and it irritated her as we made fun of her saying it. What I would give to be able to hear her say it today.

She always said I never said it just right, but this is how I remember it:

Many happy returns for the day of thy birth
May sunshine and gladness be given
May your heavenly father prepare thee on earth
For a beautiful birthday in Heaven

I know she is having a beautiful in heaven today.


Unbelievable private dinner party NAA had for us at the Culinary Institute of America! It was some amazing food!! After dinner we had an interactive dessert - where we learned how to make what they served us. That was what I meant by tasty little town in my other post.....!!