Last year I didn't go to DC with Gary and he got to tour the White House. So this year he surprised me and set up for me to tour the White House. But it tourned out to be so much more than just a tour.....President Busch was returning home today, and our "connection" that gave me my tour asked if I wanted to come back later today and watch the President land on the White House lawn......da!

So this afternoon I went back to the White House and stood in the "backyard" and welcomed home the President. It was amazing to see the 3 Helicopters fly around the building and the one with the President come in and land. We could hear them long before we could see them. The cold air from the helicopter was strong enough to blow you over!

When they landed a soldier got out and opened the doors, the first person to get out was a man that looked similar to the President and at first we thought he was him.....then when the President came out.....we realized they were dressed exactly the same.....hmmmm?

When he walked down the steps of the helicopter he stopped and saluted the soldier....that was really cool.....then he walked in to the White House smiling and waving as he walk toward the building. It was so much fun and such a cool thing to see! Thanks Gary!!

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Anonymous said...

It tourned out to be a nice trip. Did you see President Busch on brewery tour?