Do you think grandpa is upset that he doesn't have a Mac? He looks a little irritated in the picture....but then he spent his whole day with you 3!!


Anonymous said...

Poor me as well. I just have an old PC.


Anonymous said...

i would be irritated to if i was him, haha jk love the three of you more than you know.. :)

Anonymous said...

haha. you better love us Megan. :)

and dad shut it..you buy us an iphone and wait tell the new ones come out so you can have one "better" than us..im just waiting to see your new computer!! LOL JK

and Grandpa was mad because there's no telling why probably because he wasn't sitting by me.


Gary Wilson said...

Well next time I will just skip getting you and Morgan something and just get myself one. An even better one.

Anonymous said...

Next time at least give him a BIG MAC! He could relate to that! HA!

Aunt Tammie

Anonymous said...

you know you couldn't live knowing i didn't have the latest gadget. :) haha.